Khonshu Speaks! An In-Depth Interview with F. Murray Abraham About ‘Moon Knight’ And just for it to blend so seamlessly into the action that you do not even realize it’s not really happening, it’s all just movie magic.

ABRAHAM: That’s right. That’s exactly the problem. I wish there was a film, some kind of a video, of the actors who do that recording, that kind of thing, because they’re going through gyrations. And it’s pretty frustrating sometimes because I really am going— I’m bending over, and leaning in, and you hit the microphone a couple of times and you mess up your recording. You’ve got to do it again.

But it’s necessary, at least it is for me. You can not just stand there and pretend. You’ve got to go through it. Now Khonshu has a very touch-and-go relationship with both Marc and Steven, and at some points, Layla too because there is the idea that he might want to take Layla on as an avatar as well. Can you talk about just figuring out how to form some of these connections with the actors you’re not necessarily working opposite of?

ABRAHAM: Oh, that’s interesting. That’s another thing that was very— that was eye-opening for me, because I know Oscar. We did Shakespeare together. We’ve done work together— a movie we did together, and we happen to like each other, by the way. I know his family.

It was a different connection because I know him. So that when I was watching the footage and doing the voice, I had another, older connection with him. And that helped a lot because I felt like I was literally talking to him, a man I knew. Have you talked to Oscar at all lately? Even just to discuss reactions.

ABRAHAM: Well, I can say this and you can clear it, but the fact is he had something to say about— when he found out that I had accepted the offer, got in touch right away and said he was delighted and so on. He’s a nice man.

He then offered some suggestions about how to do the recording. And they were good suggestions and I used them. So yes, he had some input, at least into my work. And he trusted our friendship enough to be able to give me some suggestions. Can you recall any of the suggestions he gave you?

ABRAHAM: Well, one of them was “act good,” that kind of wonderful, old expression. But it was sort of— he encouraged me to be as grand and as outrageous as I felt like being. That sounds like a very broad note, but it was a very good note because the character is pretty broad. It definitely comes across on-screen. As I’ve said many times already, Khonshu is a fan-favorite. Everyone loves him.

ABRAHAM: Oh, is that so? Well, I promise you I was not aware of that. I’m delighted to hear that because I like the character a lot. I’m in Sicily, as I may have mentioned, and I’ve been working hard on [another production], so I have not had a chance to do too much else. But I’m glad that people like Khonshu, because I do. Let’s jump right to the end of the season because Khonshu is present for that. The final moments of the season do reveal that, all along, there has been a third personality that Khonshu’s is aware of. How do you think this is all going to play into future stories about Moon Knight, that, no, Khonshu’s actually been lying to Marc this entire time?

ABRAHAM: Well, that’s part of the mystery. That’s part of the excitement and the secret, isn’t it? It’s a mystery. I’m not going to tell you anything at all. I’m not about to. [LAUGHS, IN CHARACTER] Silly woman. Where do you think you would like to take Khonshu next? So let’s say there are 10 more seasons of Moon Knight. Are you coming back as Khonshu? Like, day one, you’re there?

ABRAHAM: Oh, Khonshu’s treat. He’s fun. That’s really one of the things that people forget about, in the work we do, is we talk about how hard this is and what we have to accomplish, but it’s also fun. That’s what people seem to forget.

And that’s another thing about Khonshu— he’s really fun. He’s dangerous. Also, it’s touching sometimes because he’s really willing to sacrifice himself. That’s something that you and I did not talk about, but the fact is that that’s very unselfish of him. He really cares.

I feel that that’s one of the sources of his power, that he is willing to demand of everyone else the same thing that he’s demanding of himself. And that’s sacrifice. And I love that about him. It’s honorable.

I do not want to make it more than it is, but I’m telling you I feel that strongly about him. I happen to like the character very much. I think you’re actually Khonshu’s Number One fan.

ABRAHAM: [LAUGHS] Yes, I guess I am. All right, one last question. We’re almost done with Moon Knight. When all is said and done, what do you hope viewers take away from the show as a whole?

ABRAHAM: Oh, that it’s positive, that in this poor old world that we’re living in, finally there are truly Super Heroes. To use that old expression in other, modern terms, these Super Heroes really are trying to accomplish good. That’s so important. I can not tell you how important that is. It makes things a little more hopeful. And we could surely use some hope these days, do not you think?

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