The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Over An Ex During Mercury Trine Pluto On Friday, April 29, 2022

It takes time to get over an ex, and no one likes to admit they are stuck on the past because of someone they once loved.

Because now we’re moving along with the strength of a Taurus Sun, we feel we can pluck ourselves right out of any negative situation and land ourselves in something better.

And that’s kinda-sorta what we’ll be doing, on April 29, as some of us stand to get over an ex of ours.

With Mercury trine Pluto, we’ll be reliving a few old, cruddy memories and most of that head trip will revolve around an old love; and because these memories will be fairly awful, we will have even more resolve when we discover within ourselves that we are truly over the ex that was once a part of our every day life.

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We humans like to hold a torch for people we no longer love, simply because it’s part of our nature; until we replace them with someone or something that is distracting enough that we forget them altogether, we tend to hang on tightly to the people we break up with, even when we know that we are much better off without them.

And then, that one day hits: we’re over them. It happens. And it’s usually not even noticed when it does happen, as it’s a natural thing.

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