What Illinois politicians and Texas governor said about Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s announcement that it plans to move its global headquarters from Illinois to an existing office in Texas was greeted with concern and dismay in Illinois.

Chairman and CEO Jim Umpleby made national and international headlines with the brief news release this week.

Reaction was swift to the news about Caterpillar leaving Deerfield for Irving, Texas. Here are some of the comments from politicians:

Three Illinois Democrats issue joint statement on Caterpillar

US Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, US Sen. Tammy Duckworth and US Rep. Cheri Bustos (IL-17) released a joint statement about Caterpillar.

Caterpillar’s surprise decision to move its headquarters from Illinois after nearly 100 years is extremely disappointing. While in terms of jobs impact for Illinois, this transition will only directly affect about 1.5 percent of Illinois’ 17,000 Caterpillar employees, we will do everything we can to encourage Caterpillar to not only preserve these jobs, but also follow through on its promise to continue hiring even more Illinoisans in the weeks and months to come, including meeting its 500 hire goal in Decatur and to grow the number of jobs in downstate Illinois. ”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrates relocation of Caterpillar headquarters

Texas governor Greg Abbott said Caterpillar’s relocation serves as a testament to the “boundless opportunity” Texas has to offer.

“Caterpillar’s global headquarters relocation is a major win for the people of North Texas and the entire state, now making Texas home to 54 Fortune 500 corporate headquarters. I am proud to welcome Caterpillar’s headquarters to Texas and am excited for the economic opportunities this will create for Texans. Businesses of all sizes and people from all backgrounds can grow and succeed in the Lone Star State because we champion a world-class economic environment fueled by the lowest business operating costs in the nation, a reasonable regulatory environment, and a lower cost of living coupled with an exceptional quality of life. “

City of Peoria makes statement on Caterpillar leaving Illinois

Peoria, the former home of Caterpillar’s world headquarters, released a brief statement Tuesday about Caterpillar’s local connections.

Caterpillar continues to have a significant presence in Peoria as an employer and as a civic and philanthropic leader. We wish them well with this move and will continue to support their employees and team members here in Peoria. ”

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